Dane’s Santa Cruz Bronson Bike Check

The bike check everyone has been waiting for!

One thought on “Dane’s Santa Cruz Bronson Bike Check

  1. Hey Dane your bike looks very dialed in for your riding style and that you have a strong understanding of bike set up. I agree. The Fox suspension this year its mind blowing. I have a few questions for you about bike set up. Is it worth chucking the Face face crank for an XT? I love shimano because I can work on it, have all the tools, it is almost bullet prof. I cant even find the wrench size to get my RC BB off to check it. Annoying. Also, you seem busy but have you guys considered working on bike set up for other riders. For a fee of course. There are so many guys and gals out there probably not getting the Max out of their rides based on sub par bike set up. Your experience could be very valuable to them. I admire you guys for what you are doing. Keep up the great work.


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