Hightower Bike Check

Finally the Hightower bike check is here!

Height – 5’8″ Weight – 150lbs

3 thoughts on “Hightower Bike Check

  1. Hey there, I am currently riding a yeti sb6c and I have been thinking of jumping to a Hightower but I am concerned that I would miss that extra travel in the rear. I have rode a low level Hightower and I loved how it felt but it seemed a bit harsh on landings and rough stuff. How big of a difference did going to a killer rear shock and a 160mm fork make? And onsite would be much appreciated. I like my yeti a lot but the 29″ wheels just feel better for me since I am a big guy (6’3″ 240lbs)


  2. Hi, Fox specifies clicks for the 36 from fully closed (clockwise all the way).
    When you said “4 clicks of LSC” you meant 4 counter-clockwise clicks from the fully closed position, right?
    Thanks, Horst


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