Trail Guide – Montaña De Oro State Park – San Luis Obispo, California

Perched right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Montana De Oro State Park (MDO) is a beautiful place to visit and ride. MDO’s temperate coastal climate makes it a great spot to escape the rain and freezing temps during Northern California’s winter months.

The Route:mdo-route

Stats: 12 Miles, 2,000ft of climbing.
GPS Route

If you’re feeling the 12 miles is too short, this route can be doubled to hit both Barranca and East Boundary trails. Zach and I both agreed that East Boundary Trail is a better ride than Barranca.

There are plenty more trails south of Hazard Peak which are more mellow such as Oats Peak and Alan Peak Trails.


  • Bathrooms and Water can be found at the Islay Creek Campground down the road

There are many different areas to park along Pecho Valley Road. During the week the trail head parking was empty but on a weekend I imagine parking could be a challenge. Start Early!

Hazard Peak Trail Head parking features beautiful views of the ocean.
Zach on the first climb approaching Hazard Peak.
Zach soaking in the views atop Hazard Peak.


On Busy weekends it’s important to attach one of these bells to your bike so hikers and horses can hear you approaching. Bells are located at the trail heads as well as the top of Hazard Peak (Pictured)

Bells for bikers.
Water bars help keep water from channelizing down the trail, they also act as sweet jumps.
More airtime thanks to a water bar.


Camping is available at the Islay Creek Campground.

Reservations can be made here:

Reserve America




6 thoughts on “Trail Guide – Montaña De Oro State Park – San Luis Obispo, California

  1. I know assumption is the mother of all evil, however I’m assuming East Boundary and Barranca are multi directional? so if I descend one I can turn around to climb up and out?


  2. Being a SLO local mountian biker I can tell you that none of th trails at MDO are one way trails. A lot of hikers and horses as well so bells are our best tool for all of us that enjoy the trails!


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