Specialized Stumpjumper 6Fattie Pro – Test Ride

4 thoughts on “Specialized Stumpjumper 6Fattie Pro – Test Ride

  1. You said these trails were in EDH? Are these trails some of the “secret” trails acessible via the Salmon Falls / Darrington Trail? Are they part of the Brown’s Ravine Trails? I live in Rocklin and will be riding Salmon Falls on Sunday. Great videos guys!!


  2. I’m considering upgrading to a Stumpjumper. Wonder what your feedback would have been if this was bike was used on the ride from Freel Peek to Toads. Wondering if you recall how you dialed in the suspension for the above ride? If so, please share your weight and suspension set up (sag, # of tokens, air pressure, clicks of rebound for both fork and shock). Looking forward to more videos. Thank you


    1. The 6fattie would have been great on Freel-Toads, the bigger tires would float over the softer DG spots and would handle the rocks well.

      As for my suspension setup, I’m running a 160mm Fox Float RC2 and a Fox Float X2.

      I have 63lbs in the fork with 2 orange tokens and one blue. 15 clicks HS and 4 LS. 8 clicks rebound.

      The X2 I’m running 165lbs, three volume spaces, 20 clicks HS, 22 Clicks LS. 19 clicks LS Rebound and 17 HS rebound.

      I’m about 155-160lbs


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