Trail Guide – Rock Creek – Georgetown, California

Rock Creek OHV:

In the foothills of the Sierra Nevada there are endless miles of singletrack thats great for mountain biking. Popular places like Auburn and Nevada City attract a lot of riders for their notable trails. Just Southeast of Auburn lies another mountain biking gem; Rock Creek OHV.

Rock Creek is by no means a new place to ride. Motorcyclists have been enjoying the trails here for years now. Mountain bikes are rarely seen out here, and I am not sure why. The trails were ripping fast with lots of elevation loss.

My Route:

Rock Creek Route.png

GPS Route Download

rock creek map 4.png

In the video I first went down Trail 4-1. The second trail is Trail 1.


These are multi use trails so be aware of other users on the trails. If you hear a motorcycle coming, it’s best if you get out of their way.

The trails are fast and a little chunky. There are sections with lots of loose rocks and baby heads that can send you into the dirt if you’re not prepared. Overall the trails are suitable for most riders from novice and above.

The route I took can be shuttled to optimize descending time.

One thought on “Trail Guide – Rock Creek – Georgetown, California

  1. I watched your Georgetown video and it looks like an excellent place to explore. Can’t imagine going that fast blind either. Thanks Trail Peek. 🙂 It’s now on my list of trails to hit here in Gold Country. I live just north of Yosemite on the edge of the Stanislaus Forest.


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