Trail Peek – Culvert Trail – Auburn, California

The Culvert trail is a classic that offers something for everyone. There are a plenty of berms, a few jumps, and a couple of rock gardens. There is free parking at the confluence off of Highway 49. From there you can climb up the Clementine fire road to Fuel Break which will put you right at the top of the Culvert Trail.


2 thoughts on “Trail Peek – Culvert Trail – Auburn, California

  1. Hey guys, Loving your website! shouldn’t this vid be moved to “trail guides” ? Looking forward to more stuff!

    Thanks Kurt


    1. Thanks! We appreciate it! We have two different categories, Trail Guides and Trail Peeks. Trail guides are more extended reviews of trails and trail systems. We show you the route to ride, directions to the trails, and any other information we think is useful for those particular trails. Trail Peeks are shorter previews of awesome trails that we dont really discuss all the details of the ride but provide you the location of the trail and a short description.


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