Trail Guide – Irish Hills – San Luis Obispo, California

With miles of rocky and natural terrain on the edge of town, the trails at Irish Hills add to the allure of San Luis Obispo as a mountain bike destination. Although our ride was short, I have no doubt that with more time we would hit these trails again.

The Route:Irish Map.PNG

Stats: 9.0 miles – 1800 feet of climbing

GPS Route

If the route is too short, you can easily do a second lap on Mariposa or King, as well as cross over and explore the trails at Johnson Ranch.

Irish Trail Map.PNG


  • No Bathrooms, No Water

8 thoughts on “Trail Guide – Irish Hills – San Luis Obispo, California

  1. Dude love your videos and riding.

    How you liking your Bronson compared to other bikes you’ve tested? Just sold my 2014 and looking at the new one or a Nomad. Cheers!


    1. Thanks a bunch man! New Bronson for sure! It is leaps and bounds better than the V1. I had a Nomad in for a year before I got on the Bronson and it is better in everyway than the Nomad!


  2. Hey Guys, where was that dirt jump secton at the end??
    Loved the video! Defintely gonna hit up Mariposa and Irish hills when im up there next.


    1. Diego, that is near the Froom Creek connector trail, right behind the Costco gas station in SLO, if you park in Costco, the jump park is right there.


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