Jeffsy First Ride

The bike everyone has been asking us about is finally here! Take a look inside YT’s new location and rip some of their local trails aboard my new Jeffsy 29er!

3 thoughts on “Jeffsy First Ride

  1. Hey Dane I was looking at the Bronson and the Jeffsy in 650b. Unfortunately I can’t demo either one right now. Could you give some insight as to some of the positives and negatives of the two.


    1. Haven’t ridden the Jeffsy in the 650 version. I dig my Jeffsy 29 though. Both bikes are awesome and will ride very similar I imagine. When picking one its really going to come down to price, quality, and suspension platform.

      Santa Cruz is going to be a higher quality frame. Their is a lot of attention to detail in their frames. They use collet pivots, internal carbon tubes, threaded bottom brackets, standard shock sizes, and handbuild their wheels. Furthermore rarely do you ever see Santa Cruz frames crack or break. If for some reason you do have a problem, their customer service is top notch.

      The Jeffsy is an awesome value. Their bikes are solid and ride great. The few times I’ve dealt with their customer service has been awesome.

      Cant really go wrong with either one!


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